Learn the step-by-step strategy we’ve used to put our sales process on auto-pilot 
and make more money, while working less hours.
Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re chugging along in your business, doing your thing and making money… 

Yet, when you look back on your month’s earnings you sit there feeling slightly stressed and think to yourself “where the eff did all my money go?”. 

So you start brainstorming new offers…

You map out your next webinar… 

And you wonder how you’re going to top this month’s revenue…

It’s enough to make a webpreneur want to day-drink, isn’t it? 

Deep breath. 

There is an easier way to make more money with your business. 

And it doesn’t involve working more hours.

  •  Give your audience (and soon-to-be dream customers) the exact content they are looking for, without the anxiety of just “winging it”?
  •  Figure out a way to upgrade your email subscribers to paying customers? 
  •  Make more money in your business, without coming off as desperate, pushy or “salesy”? 
And do you want to do it in an automated way that doesn’t require you to work more hours, host more webinars, spend more money on paid traffic or *gasp* make the dreaded cold call? 

We get it. 

We’ve been there ourselves and we know how sweat-inducing it can be to not have a repeatable strategy in place that allows you to scale your business in an omg-is-this-really-happening kind of way. 

If you’re know you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time you created your own Perfect Sales Funnel. 
Wait. What is the Perfect Sales Funnel? 
Perfect Sales Funnel is our step-by-step training program that walks you through creating dangerously-effective sales funnels that build exposure to your brand, allow you to serve your audience in a bigger way and make more money, without working more hours.
Here’s what you get inside The Perfect Sales Funnel: 
Module 1: Sales Funnels 101
Inside this module, you’ll learn the foundations of effective funnels, including:
  • The ultimate sales funnel strategy and how to apply it in your business
  •  How to uncover “cash topics” that convert for your funnels 
  •  How to choose the best tech for your current situation.
Module 2: The Read Magnet
Throughout these lessons you’ll discover: 
  • The best way to position your Read Magnet
  •  How to use it to get people to sign up for your Lead Magnet
  •  How to drive traffic to the post 
  •  Why your Read Magnet is a critical step to any funnel
Module 3: The Lead Magnet
As you dive into this module, you’ll be guided through: 
  • How to create a killer opt-in 
  •  What NOT to offer as a Lead Magnet 
  •  How to set up your opt-in on your site 
  •  How to deliver your freebie 
  •  How to promote your Lead Magnet 
  •  How to create a high-converting opt-in page with ClickFunnels
  •  How to structure your “Indoctrination Email”
Module 4: The Intro Offer
This is where the fun really starts as you’ll discover: 
  • Which products and services make the best Intro Offers
  •  How to craft an effective value-driven one-time-offer page (like the one you’re reading)
  •  How to use ClickFunnels and Deadline Funnel to create and automate each funnel page
  •  How to create your different funnel checkout pages
  •  How to deliver your offer once someone has purchased
  •  Which specific emails you need to write to sell your Intro Offer
  •  What to do if someone doesn’t purchase
Module 5: The Core Offer
This module is all about makin’ bank with your funnels! You’ll learn:
  • What the most effective Core Offers are
  •  Which specific emails you need to sell your Core Offer
  •  How to add countdown timers into your emails
  •  How to create strong urgency around your offer
  •  How to promote and sell your Core Offer
**Best of all, you’ll learn how to do this with ease...even if you don’t have one techie bone in your body!**
Why Should I Listen to You? 
Is what I assume you just said in your head. 

And I get it. 

I mean, we may not know each other that well yet!

Here’s the thing though…

Josh and I absolutely live and die by this system in our business and it is solely responsible for allowing us to make sales every. damn. day. with the Screw since implementing it mid-2015. 

What’s more is it’s allowed us to acquire thousands of new customers and has resulted in over $150,000 in revenue, without us having to “work” for it.

However, it’s not just the money that matters…

Using this system has also allowed us to cater directly to our audience’s pain points, help them get the results they truly want and build a tight-knit community of lifers. 

And that? Is worth more than money.  

What’s more is we would love the chance to show you how you can make this work in your business too!
Ready to Make More Sales, Without Feeling “Salesy”? 
Itching to find a way to uncover the products and services that make your subscribers whip out their credit card and buy? 

Want to do it in a way that eliminates the guesswork, the overwhelm and allows you to focus on serving your audience and making more money, without working more hours? 

We’ll show you how to do it all inside Perfect Sales Funnel!

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What Others Are Saying About 
"The Perfect Sales Funnel"
 January we will close over $3k in revenue from these sales which is an all time high.
 Oh, and if you guys don't have the course...snag it up ASAP!
 Oh, and if you guys don't have the course...snag it up ASAP!
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